Pointe Shoe Fittings

There is no greater struggle for most young dancers than finding the right pointe shoe.  Every foot is different, with variations that include foot shape, toe length, flexibility and strength.  Therefore, pointe shoe manufacturers offer many different models, each shoe catering to a specific foot type.  It is extremely important to find a fitter who is not only intimately familiar with ballet technique and anatomy, but also has extensive experience working with many different pointe shoe manufacturers.  Knowing how easy it is for a dancer to injure themselves in a poorly fitted shoe, we take great care and caution with our fittings. Only qualified dancers with the proper education, experience and knowledge of our extensive inventory are permitted to do fittings.  Because of this, we encourage you to make an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting. (Scroll down to book online)

Sewing your shoes properly is very important!  We will quickly sew your shoes for you, $10 for ballet slippers and $20 and up for pointe shoes.  Make an appointment with Kristin for more information about darning, breaking in your shoes, 3/4-ing your shanks, shellacking and glueing your box or shank, replacing drawstrings, foot exercises and so much more!